Export to Spreadsheet


The spreadsheet function transfers data across the XXL interface. To use this function, you must first decide what you want to do with the data. You can:

?     Save the data as an SAPOffice document

?     Save the data as a PC file

?     Transfer the data to Excel

?     Use the Excel pivot table


Before you can transfer data to a spreadsheet program, the relevant program must be installed on your PC.


When you transfer data to Excel, the columns may be resorted,  that is, they appear sorted by Characteristics and Key Figures.

Totals rows are not included when data is transferred to the XXL interface. Also, the list formatting functions of the SAP List Viewer are not available when data is transferred to the XXL interface into Excel. For example, there are no filter functions in the Excel list, nor can you display row markings.



       1.      To start the spreadsheet from the list, choose   ®  Spreadsheet.

In full-screen mode, choose . Alternatively, choose List  ®  Export  ® Word Processing.

       2.      On the Export List Object to XXL screen, choose Table or Pivot Table.

       3.      Confirm the dialog box with .


Your list data is exported to the spreadsheet.