Checking Entries

  1. You have the following options for checking your data against a number of entries from the system:
    • Choose Continue
    • Choose Check Entries

The system checks your entries.

  1. Depending on whether the system discovers any errors, it generates various different messages:
    • If the system does not find any errors, it displays the relevant message in the status line.
    • If the system finds errors, a dialog box with the following columns appears:


specifies the message type, namely:

 Information. You can continue working without making corrections.

 Error. You can only continue working after you have corrected the error.

Column Name

Gives the name of the column in which the error occurred.

Message Text

Describes the error that occurred.

Ltxt (if available)

Gives the option of displaying the message long text by clicking on .

At the same time, in the ALV grid control, cells are highlighted by a

  • green border, if they contain an entry of the type Information
  • red border, if they contain an entry of the type Error

The dialog field with the messages can be

  • minimized
  • maximized
  • closed.
  1. Correct your entries

When you double click on a message in the dialog box, this, as well as the affected entry in the ALV grid control, is highlighted by a yellow background color.

The cell in the ALV grid control is ready-for-input.