Navigating in the List


In the ALV Grid Control, you can use the mouse to set the list display settings, without having to choose functions through the toolbar, context menu, or menu paths (in full screen mode).


In order to

?     Store a list in SAPOffice, choose System  ® List  ® Save  ® Office Folders. a dialog screen appears in which you can specify the required folder

?     Save a list in an external file format (for example as a Microsoft Excel file or as an HTML page), choose System ® List ® Save ® Local File. Then specify the appropriate file format.

?     Store a list in a report tree, choose System  ® List ® Save ® Report Tree. The system then inserts the list into the node and report tree you specified.

Lists can be interactive:

?     If you select an entry with double-click, the system shows you the contents of the entry.

?     If you click on a hotspot, an action is triggered in the system. The most common example of a hotspot is a hyperlink. If you click on a link, more information or another page appears.

Beyond that, the following options are available for navigation:

?     Navigating with Hotkeys

?     Navigating in the List

?     Selecting and Deselecting Rows

?     Selecting and Deselecting Cells

?     Selecting and Deselecting Columns

?     Choosing Detail

?     Finding Terms

?     Fixing Columns

?     Choosing Views