Personalizing the List


You use layouts to tailor the outputted list to your individual requirements. Layouts describe the list formatting options of a list. The components of a layout - and thus connected to them - include:.

?     Settings on the list, such as column selection, column seuqnce and column width

?     Filter settings

?     Sort settings

?     Totals, averages, maximum / minimum

?     Subtotals

?     Display options

?     Graphics

?     Templates for the views

See:also Changing Layouts and Saving Layouts.

Layout is the new term for display variant as of Release 4.6C.


The edition options for layouts depend on the relevant ALV Grid Control:

?     In all ALV Grid Controls, you can:

0     Choose one of the standard layouts delivered by SAP.

0     Change the current layout.

?     In ALV Grid Controls that use only the standard layouts, you cannot save your changes to the current layout. When you choose the layouts, only the standard layouts delivered by SAP will be proposed.

?     In some ALV Grid Controls, you can also save the layout you defined as your own layout.

User-defined layouts are generally saved for all users. They can then be used by all users, that is, all users can then choose from the user-defined layouts as well as the standard layouts.

?     In some ALV Grid Controls, you can also save the layout you defined as a user-specific layout. You are the only user that can use this layout.

See also:

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