SAP List Viewer for SAP GUI


The SAP List Viewer (ALV) is a tool to display and prepare lists in the SAP system based on the User Interface Technology SAP GUI.  

The SAP List Viewer can be used in two ways within the SAP system:

?     as a screen element in combination with other screen elements. If this is the case, the toolbar is positioned directly above the data or the header.

?     as a display in full-screen mode.The SAP List Viewer is the only screen element and therefore fills the entire screen. The functions for operations on the displayed data can be found in the standard toolbar.

Depending on use, in full-screen mode, the SAP List Viewer is displayed with headers. This can be found between the toolbar and the headers or data and contains further information on the displayed lists.

The functions provided by the SAP List Viewer are identical in both versions. The following descriptions apply to both options: Only the way that you trigger the functions can differ. This is indicated where necessary.

Not all lists in the SAP system use the complete range of functions provided by the SAP List Viewer. Some lists provide special functions that extend beyond the scope of the SAP List Viewer.