Price List


Price lists simplify the processing of ISR scenarios that involve administrative costs. The administrative costs are calculated automatically from the information in the price lists. A price list contains all information needed to calculate actual costs. You can store one or more fixed prices in a price list.

Based on the price selected from the price list, each request automatically updates costs to a cost collector in Controlling (such as a cost center or order) once the notification is completed.


The sender cost center has been created.

You can create the activity type while you are editing the price list. The following settings must be made for the activity type under Variance values for actual allocation:

·        Actual activity type category: 1 (manual entry, manual allocation)

·        Actual price indicator: 7 (manually determined for actual allocations)


Each entry in the price list corresponds to a service type (two-digit numerical value) that contains the following information:

·        Price (consisting of an activity price and a fixed quantity)

·        Cost receiver

·        Cost sender (sender cost center and activity type)

A service type corresponds to an activity that can be requested with an internal service request. In the simplest case, a service request has only one service type, for which the Default indicator must be set. If there is more than one service type, you can specify which price is defaulted to the request form by setting the Default indicator. The applicant determines the costs by selecting a service type. The approver sees only the resulting price. When the notification is completed, the costs are transferred from the sender cost center to the cost collector.

You can check the consistency of a price list by entering a scenario in the Scenario field and then choosing Check Price List.