Request for Adjustment Posting


If you determine that there is an error in a posting but you do not know who the responsible processor is, you can request an adjustment posting. The request is transferred to the SAP system where it is automatically sent to the appropriate processor.

Special Features

You can access the request form from the portal or from the following SAP applications:

·        Line item report (CO)

·        General document display in Controlling (CO)

·        General document display in Financial Accounting (FI)

SAP provides a scenario for entering the request with an HTML form (SR31) and a scenario for entering it with an Adobe PDF form (SR93).

Request Flow


       1.      You call up the request form and enter the required adjustment posting.

       2.      You send the form.

The request is then transferred to the SAP system.

       3.      The processor receives the request in their worklist or workflow inbox.

The processor can reject the request, forward it, or make the requested changes.

For more information, see Requesting an Adjustment Posting from the Intranet.