Executing a Service


Use this function to test a Web transaction or MiniApp from the ABAP Workbench


The complete Internet service has been published successfully on the Internet Transaction Server (ITS). The ITS is active at present.


Start the Web application from the Object Navigator as follows:

       1.      From the Object Navigator, select the appropriate service.

       2.      Choose Start Service from the context menu.

The system displays the Web browser and, if necessary, a logon dialog box.

       3.      To log on to the ITS, enter you User ID and password and choose Logon.

       4.      Execute the Web application.


Standalone SAP ITS 6.20

The system starts the Service from the HTTP address http://<ITS>:<Port>/scripts/wgate/<service>/!

The way a Web transaction is displayed depends on the type of SAP transaction on which it is based. The standard SAP system header with menus, function codes, icon bar, and button bar is only displayed in Professional user transactions. Conversely, Easy Web Transactions (EWTs) are displayed with a special EWT header.

Integrated ITS

For the integrated ITS, you must first make sure that the webgui service is activated in the Internet Communication Manager (ICF). The ICF path is /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui: you can locate the service in transaction SICF using this path. Then, choose Test Service from the context menu.