Data record that a user can use to inform an application area about a particular subject matter.


You can use the notifications in the SAP System and on the Intranet to record and process various business-related information. The notification supports you with a number of functions that you can use to process this information. The most important of these functions allow you to:

·        Record problems or information

·        Define and execute tasks

·        Log activities

·        Record costs

·        Manage the status of notifications and tasks

·        Communicate with persons or departments affected by the subject matter

·        Evaluate notification data


In the SAP System, you can process notifications in a simplified or extended view. The structure of a notification differs on the basis of this processing view:

·        Notification structure for simplified notification processing

·        Notification structure for extended notification processing

If you have the appropriate authorization, you can switch between the simplified and extended processing view.


The SAP System currently supports the following notification categories:

·        Quality notification

·        Maintenance notification

·        Service notification

·        Claim

·        Feedback notification (SAP Support Line Feedback)

·        Internal service request

·        Change notification

·        General notification