Creating Search Indexes for Full Text Searches


You can create your own search index for the full text search.

The index is also created automatically at regular intervals in the system in the background.


  1. Call the transaction Maintain Reuse Library (SLIBN).
  2. To update the index manually, choose from the menu Utilities a Search index a Create/update.

    The Reuse Library: Create Search Index screen appears.

  3. Select whether just the one library or all libraries are to be reindexed.
  4. If you want to index one library only, enter its name.
  5. Specify whether or not the system should check the current status.

    If you choose this option, the search index will only be created if products have been changed or if the last index was generated more than 10 days ago.

  6. Select whether logs are to be stored.
  7. Select whether the indexing is to run In the background or Online.

You can find the logs for the indexing runs under Utilities a Search index a Logs.