Transporting Libraries


You can use this function to transfer libraries and Reuse products to other systems of a system network.


The library and the Reuse products it contains are in development classes that can be transported and are not stored as local objects (in the latter case only an object list is possible).


  1. Call the Maintain Reuse Library function (transaction SLIBN) and enter the name of the library that you want to transport in the text field Reuse Library.
  2. Choose .
    The dialog box Transport library appears.
  3. Here you can select whether the products contained in the library and any referenced libraries are also to be transported. Choose .
  4. In the next dialog box specify the transport request you want the library to be transported in (or you can create a new transport request here).
    Choose .
  5. From the menu choose Environment ® Transport Organizer (transaction SE09) to release the transport request.

When you transport a library only the library itself and (if selected in the dialog box) the contained products and referenced libraries are transported. Any other objects referred to (such as reports, function modules, and so on) are not transported. It is therefore important to ensure that consistency is maintained in the target system.