Deleting Libraries


You can use this function to delete libraries that are no longer required.

Be sure, however, to take the where-used list into account.


  1. Call the transaction for maintaining libraries (transaction SLIBN).
  2. Enter the library you want to delete in the Reuse Library text field. To search for libraries, select this text field and choose F4. The dialog box Find libraries appears. It has the following functions:
  • To select the settings Continue
  • Sort in ascending order
  • Sort in descending order
  • Find
  • Find next
  • Set filter: The dialog box Define filter criteria appears, where you can select columns for the search display. This occurs analog to the selection of columns in subscribing libraries.
  • Print
  • Change layout: The dialog box Change layout appears, where you can influence the layout of the table of found libraries with the following options:
    • Column selection
    • Sort order
    • Filter
    • View
    • Display
    • Web options
  • Select layout: The dialog box Choose layout appears where you can choose from the following options:
    • All
    • User-specific
    • Global
  • Save layout: The dialog box Save layout appears.
  • Help: The F1 help appears.
  • Cancel.
  1. Once you have found a library, select it by double-clicking it.
  2. Choose .

Do not delete libraries that are used in other libraries. If you are not certain whether the library you want to delete is being used elsewhere, execute a where-used list by choosing .