Maintaining Reuse Products


You can use this transaction to create references to all types of software products, from source code to documentation, in order to reuse these rather than create new objects.



       1.      Call the transaction for maintaining Reuse products (SLIBP).

The Maintain Reuse Product initial screen appears.

       2.      Enter the product name or use the input help for the Reuse Product field. (For more details refer to Deleting Libraries).

The following functions are available:

Application Toolbar

Deleting Reuse Products


       1.      To delete a product, choose .

Checking Reuse Products


       1.      To check a product, choose . For more information, see Maintaining Libraries.

Creating the Where-Used List for the Reuse Product


       1.      Choose .

       2.      If the product has been used a list of messages is displayed, otherwise you receive a message that no uses have been found.

       3.      To go to the place where the product you have chosen is used, choose a line.

Transporting Reuse Products


       1.      To transport a product, choose  Transport.

A dialog box appears.

       2.      In the next dialog box, specify the transport request you want the library to be transported in (or you can create a new transport request here).

       3.      To release the transport request, choose Environment ® Transport Organizer (transaction SE09).

Creating a List of Products


       1.      To create a list of products, choose . You do not have to select a Reuse product.

A selection screen appears.

       2.      Carry out a search.

Displaying a Preview in the Browser


       1.      To display a preview of the selected Reuse product in the browser, choose .

Main Section of Window

Displaying Products


       1.      To display a Reuse product, choose .

Changing Reuse Products


       1.      To change a product, choose  Change.

Creating Reuse Products

For more information see Creating and Maintaining Reuse Products