Subscribing to Libraries


You can use this function to subscribe and unsubscribe to libraries. You can search for libraries and filter the displayed libraries. The libraries you subscribe to are available in the Reuse Library. You can then, as described in Integration with the Workbench, use the objects from this library in the ABAP Development Workbench.


Subscribing to a Library

  1. Call the transaction Display Reuse Library (SE83).
  2. In the menu, choose Reuse Library a Subscribe to libraries or just choose Libraries.

    The Subscribe to libraries dialog box appears. The subscribed libraries are displayed on the left-hand side and the available libraries on the right-hand side of the dialog box.

  3. To select a library to be subscribed to, click on the appropriate library in the right-hand window. To transfer the selected library to the Subscribed libraries list, choose .
  4. In the list of subscribed libraries you can:
  • Search for libraries by choosing and proceeding as described in "Searching and Filtering Library Lists" below.
  • Navigate in the list: to move one row up choose , to move one row down choose , to move to top row choose and to move to bottom row choose
  1. To confirm your selection, choose .

Searching and Filtering Library Lists

In the right-hand window of the dialog box you can control the selection of displayed libraries in two ways:

  1. To search for libraries, choose .

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Choose the search sequence (by lines or columns) by opening the list field and selecting the required option.
  3. Enter a search term and confirm with .
  4. To filter the selection of libraries, choose . The filter has three settings.
  5. To choose the filter setting you want to use, open the list field .
  6. Select one of the following options:
  • All
  • SAP-wide
  • Local
  1. Start the search.

Removing a Library from the Selection of Subscribed Libraries

  1. To remove a library from the list of subscribed libraries, select the library in the left-hand window of the Subscribe to libraries dialog box.
  2. To remove your selection from the list, choose .