Integration in the Workbench


You can call the Reuse Library from the ABAP Development Workbench. You can also call the Workbench from the Reuse Library

You can copy the objects on the Examples, Program objects, and Development support tabs to your worklist in the ABAP Development Workbench. This allows you to copy Reuse Library objects, for example, into your own code.


There are Reuse products in your system.


  1. Open the Reuse Library (transaction SE83).
  2. Find the Reuse product in which you are interested.
  3. Choose one of the tabs and click an object on it.
  4. To add an object to the worklist, choose on the tab.

    The system displays a worklist including the object, underneath the tab.

    You can copy as many objects to the worklist as you want.

  5. You can now edit the worklist as follows:
  • To save the worklist, choose .
  • To remove an object from the worklist, choose .
  • To delete the worklist, choose .
  • To close the worklist, choose .

If you then open the Object Navigator (transaction SE80), the objects are displayed in the worklist.

To display the worklist, choose Menu a Utilities a Display Worklist.

  1. Use Drag&Drop to insert an object from the worklist into your own code as a pattern.