Displaying the Reuse Library

The Reuse Library is a transaction that helps the developers find reusable software objects.

The collection of reusable objects (Reuse products) is displayed in browser. On the left-hand side is a navigation area, where you can navigate through the collection of products. This includes a full text search. On the right-hand side the data for a selected Reuse product is displayed on tabs.

The application toolbar provides pushbuttons for the following functions:

·         Full screen on/off: Switches between the screen display with or without the navigation area on the left-hand side of the screen

·         Full text search: Opens the dialog box for the full text search

·         Libraries: Subscribing to Libraries.

·         Position cursor on product: Positions the cursor on the product in the navigation area that is currently described on the tabs on the right-hand side of the window

·         Add to favorites: Adds the object displayed in the right of the screen area to the list of favorites.

Pressing the following buttons returns information on Reuse products:

·         Exchange

·         Homepage

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