The Reuse Product

A Reuse product is defined as a collection of repository and information objects associated with a single theme.


These Reuse products can then be reused in other areas. The Reuse Library function is provided to make it easier to find and use such Reuse products.

The ALV Grid Control is a Reuse product, consisting of a number of function modules, example programs, documentation and so on.

The information about the Reuse product is categorized and the individual categories presented on the following tabs:

  • Overview
  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • Program Objects
  • Development support

The Overview and Documentation tabs can display documents in the following formats:

  • SAPscript
  • Knowledge Warehouse
  • HTML

On the Examples, Program Objects and Development Support tabs, you can specify repository objects. From there you can choose the editor, the test environment, or the documentation.

You do not have to enter values on all the tabs. Only the tabs that are maintained are displayed in the display transaction (SE83) of the Reuse Library.


Your system must contain Reuse products.


  1. Open the Reuse Library (transaction SE83).

    The Display Reuse Library initial screen appears. The left-hand side of the window displays the navigation area and the right-hand side a detailed view of the product.

  2. Select a Reuse product from the navigation area of the browser by double-clicking it.
  3. To display or use the information from the individual areas, choose the appropriate tab.

Overview Tab

In the overview a developer can see what type of Reuse product is being dealt and where additional information can be found. The information here should thus be kept short and concise.

If required the description can be supplemented by a simple and clear illustration.

Documentation Tab

The documentation contains detailed information about the Reuse product.

  1. To open existing documentation, go to the required example in the hierarchy. On the tab you have the following options:
    • To move to the previous HTML page, choose .
    • To move to the next HTML page, choose .
    • To stop the reading of the HTML page, choose .
    • To refresh the page, choose .
    • To display the HTML page using an external browser, choose . The standard browser used by your system is started.

Examples Tab

The examples for the Reuse product serve to illustrate how the Reuse product can be used. A developer can see what the product looks like when it is in use. You can start the examples from the Reuse Library directly. You can also copy passages of the examples by branching directly to the editor.

  1. To open existing documentation for the examples, go to the required example in the hierarchy. On the tab you have the following options:
    • To display the object, select the example by double clicking it or position the cursor on the object and choose .
    • To test or execute, choose .
    • To display the documentation, choose .
    • To display the where-used list, choose .
    • To add the object to your worklist, choose .
    • To position the cursor in the navigation area on the object currently being displayed, choose .
    • To search in node texts, choose .
    • To search further, choose .

Program Objects Tab

The Reuse Library provides fast and clear access to the repository objects for training and reuse purposes.

You can navigate in the hierarchy of this tab in the same way as described for the Examples tab.

Development Support Tab

For some Reuse products there are tools that ease or speed up the use of the product. Typical examples are wizards, templates and generation programs. These are listed separately on this tab.

  1. To activate a tool, select it and choose .

For more information about the functions of this tab, see the description of the Examples tab.