Creating and Changing Reuse Products


You can use these functions to create and change your own Reuse products. You can then refer to these in your own Reuse libraries.

Creating Reuse Products

  1. Call the transaction for maintaining Reuse products (transaction SLIBP).

You can also navigate to Reuse product maintenance from the transaction Maintain Reuse Library (SLIBN) by inserting a node in a structure, and then choosing the Reuse Products tab.

  1. Enter a name in the Reuse product field.
  2. Choose Create.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a Product Name for the Reuse product in the appropriate text field.

    Input help is available. To save your search as a Variant choose .

  4. To confirm your entries, choose Save.
  5. The Create object directory entry dialog box appears.

    A dialog box appears.

  6. To save the new Reuse product, enter a package and choose ,or save it as a local object by choosing the corresponding button.

The Create Product <NAME> screen appears.

  1. To continue choose Edit Reuse Product.

Changing Reuse Products

  1. Call the transaction for maintaining Reuse products (transaction SLIBP).
  2. Enter the name of an existing Reuse product in the Reuse Product field.
  3. Choose Change.

    The Change Product <NAME> screen appears.

  4. To continue choose Edit Reuse Product.

Editing Reuse Products

  1. Maintain the information on the following tab pages:
  • General Data: here data generated when the product was created is displayed
  • Overview: here you can link documents to the product. The following types of documentation are available:
    • None
    • Knowledge Warehouse
    • SAPScript
    • HTML

The name and path of the source to be entered depends on the chosen type of documentation. The chosen source is then displayed in the transaction Display Reuse Library (SE83) when the tab page Documentation is selected.

  • Documentation (similar to Overview)

You can create structures for maintenance on the following three tabs:

  • Examples
  • Program Objects
  • Development support

Only the tabs that you maintain here are visible in the Display Reuse Library transaction.

Creating Structures

The structures that make up the Reuse product are maintained on the tab pages.

  1. Choose the tab you want to maintain.

The following options are available when you edit the structure:


You can:

  • Expand all subtrees
  • Position the cursor on the current node in the navigation area
  • Select or deselect a node

Editing Structures

  1. To edit a structure, choose Maintain Structure.

You have the following options:

  • Move nodes in the tree structure. Select the node, place the cursor on the subtree to which you want to move it, and choose
  • Copy nodes to the clipboard. Select it and choose
  • Create nodes

Creating nodes

  1. To insert a node in the structure, select a destination and then choose one of the following:
    1. Subnode, to create a subnode
    2. Same level, to create a node on the same level

Maintain the settings in the subsequent dialog box Create nodes.

  1. Select the node type you wish to create by specifying an object. The following node types exist:
    • Structure node
    • Function module
    • Class/interface
    • Program
    • Transaction
    • Logical database
    • DDIC type
    • Domain
    • Type group
    • Service
    • MiniApp
    • Object type

An input help (F4) is available for all the fields except for the Structure node field.

  1. To create more than one structure node, choose in the Structure node line.
  2. To make a multiple selection, choose in one of the other lines. On the screen that follows you can find out more about the function by choosing .
  3. Maintain the section Node documentation. You can choose to:
    • Display No Documentation
    • Display existing Standard Documentation
    • Specify KW Documentation, SAPscript Documentation, or HTML Documentation

Changing Nodes

  1. To change a node, select it.
  2. Choose Node.

The Change Nodes screen appears.

  1. Maintain the node type as described under Create Nodes above.
  1. Enter the documentation type for the node.
  2. Save your changes.

The result of some actions is highlighted in color in the tree structure.

Further Functions

  • To display the color legend, choose .
  • To display the product, select an example by double-clicking on it or choose .
  • To test or execute the product, choose .
  • To display the product documentation, choose .
  • To display the where-used list, choose .


In creating a Reuse product you have created a number of references to objects that already exist in the system.