Loading Installation Packages


Before you can install or upgrade an add-on, or install a PCS, you must first load the relevant installation packages. SAP makes these packages available:

  • On add-on CDs (add-on installations and add-on upgrades)
  • In the SAP Service Marketplace (special add-on installations, Support Packages)
  • On PCS CDs (Preconfigured Systems)

Installation packages from the SAP Service Marketplace or from CDs have a compressed format. You have to unpack these packages before you can proceed.


  • The Change and Transport System (CTS) is configured correctly.
  • There is enough space available in the transport directory (UNIX: /usr/sap/trans).
  • You have the required authorizations for the Add-On Installation Tool.
  • You have called the Add-On Installation Tool (transaction SAINT).
  • You use the latest version of the Add-On Installation Tool.


Loading Installation Packages from the Application Server

Loading Installation Packages from the Front End