Checking the Status of Background Processing


If you have scheduled OCS Packages to be imported in the background, you can check the status of the scheduled background job in Job Administration This may be necessary, for example, if the system is shut down while a background job is running, causing the background processing to change to an inconsistent state.

The Support Package Manager and the Add-On Installation Tool do not allow you to change the parameters of a background job after it has been scheduled. If you want to modify a background job at a later time (to change the start time of the import, for example) or if you want to delete the job entirely, you can do this in Job Administration.


You have specified in the start options that you want at least one module to be processed in the background.

To make changes to a background job that has been scheduled by another user, you have to have the appropriate authorization.


The job scheduled for background processing is called OCS_QUEUE_IMPORT.


       1.      Call Job Administration by choosing the Environment menu of the import tool, or by calling transaction SM37

       2.      Select the job OCS_QUEUE_IMPORT.

       3.      The following options are available to you. You can:

Ў        Check the status of the job

Ў        Check the job log

Ў        Make changes to the job

Ў        Delete the job.

Alternatively, choose System ® Own Jobs to display your own jobs. Here you can see an overview of the jobs you have scheduled in the past, together with their status. Choose Job Selection to go to Job Administration.


The import tool copies the changes from Job Administration. If you have deleted a background job, the status of the package queue changes correspondingly. In the import tool, you can restart or reschedule the import of the OCS queue either in dialog or in the background, depending on your requirements.

For more information on background processing, refer to the job processing by choosing Help ® Application Help.