Checking Logs


The Add-On Installation Tool contains various types of logs.

During queue definition, you can use the queue calculation log for troubleshooting purposes. After successfully importing the queue, you should always check the import log and the action log.

Queue Calculation Log

The queue calculation log displays detailed information for queue calculation. The log is structured hierarchically. The highest package occupies the highest position. Among other things, this log lists the prerequisites for importing the package. This allows you to determine which prerequisites have not been met, thus preventing a successful queue calculation.

If analyzing the log does not solve your problem, you can save it using the print function. You can then send a problem message to SAP and include the log as an attachment.

Import Log

The import log display logs for phases of the Add-On Installation Tool that use the transport control program tp.

Assignment of Phases to Log Files


Log File


Create cofile


Command file import


Object version creation


Dictionary import


Dictionary activation


Inactive import of program code and program texts
(Only for import mode downtime-minimized)


Transport steps that are independent of requests (Dictionary distribution, activation of inactive runtime objects, and so on)


XPRA/method execution


ABAP/screen generation

Meaning of the Return Codes

Return Code


0 or 4

System information and warnings. Warnings are generally not critical for the system. Check them however, since sequence errors may occur in exceptional cases.

Greater than 4

Serious errors that must be corrected before you can successfully import the Support Package.

Action Log

The action log contains information about the actions that take place during the individual phases when importing an installation queue. It also includes, for example, information about the point at which a phase was stopped, as well as detailed error information.


To call the log display, choose Goto on the initial screen of the Add-On Installation Tool and then choose the following:


Menu Option

Queue Calculation Log

Queue Calculation Log

Import Logs

Import Log ® Queue

Action Log

Action Log