Add-On Installation Tool: ABAP/Screen Generation


The Add-On Installation Tool is set as the standard so that no ABAP programs or screens are generated during the import (see Making Settings for the Add-On Installation Tool). The relevant programs are generated only when they are called. However, you can set up the Add-On Installation Tool so that the objects are generated when a Support Package is imported. Alternatively, you can start the generation of all the imported objects after the import by using the SAP Load Generator.

The Add-On Installation Tool may return error messages during generation, for example, because a program written by the customer or a modification of an existing program contains syntax errors, and refers to an object that has just been imported.

It is usually best to ignore the generation error at first and then correct it after the Support Package has been imported.


You are importing an add-on.

Influencing ABAP/Screen Generation

To influence the generation of ABAP programs and screens, choose Extras on the initial screen of the Add-On Installation Tool and then choose the following:


Menu Option

Switch generation on and off


Ignore generation errors during import

Ignoring Generation Errors

Using the SAP Load Generator for ABAP/Screen Generation

If you deactivated generation in the settings of the Add-On Installation Tool, you can use the SAP Load Generator to perform generation after an add-on has been imported.

We recommend that you use this method for the ABAP/screen generation of large numbers of objects after you have imported large add-ons. The SAP Load Generator saves you time since the generation set is processed on multiple application servers simultaneously.

To start the ABAP/screen generation for the objects of the installed add-on, proceed as follows:


       1.      Call the SAP Load Generator (transaction SGEN).

       2.      Choose Generate All Objects of Selected Software Components and then Continue.

       3.      Select the software component of the installed add-on.

In this way, you ensure that all the objects of the installed add-on are generated again.