SAP Add-On Installation Tool


SAP offers a wide range of add-ons that you can use to enhance your standard SAP System. These add-ons can be Industry Solutions, plug-ins, or customer-specific development projects.

The SAP Add-On Installation Tool (transaction SAINT) was developed to enable users to install and upgrade these add-ons directly from their standard SAP System. You do not need to access the operating system or restart the system. Prior to installation, numerous import conditions are checked to ensure that only add-ons that fit the available SAP System can be installed.

SAP offers Preconfigured Systems (PCS or SAP Best Practices), which can also be installed using the Add-On Installation Tool. A PCS reduces the amount of work needed to install and customize an industry-specific solution. For more information on preconfiguration with SAP Best Practices, see the SAP Service Marketplace under the alias /bestpractices.


The Add-On Installation Tool is delivered in its own Support Package, the SPAM/SAINT Update. We enhance and improve the tool constantly, and recommend that you always import the latest version from the SAP Service Marketplace before you perform an installation or upgrade.

Note that the SPAM/SAINT Update is available in English and German only. If you are working in a different language, new or updated user interface elements or texts might be displayed in English or German only. We therefore recommend that you logon in either English or German when using the SAP Add-On Installation Tool.


·        The transaction checks the import prerequisites, such as SAP Netweaver Release, and the Support Package level of the various software components, and includes or excludes the use or retention of other add-ons.

·        To simplify the import process, the complete installation or upgrade is first put together in the customer system from the add-on package, any Support Packages that are needed, and any Conflict Resolution Transports (CRTs).

·        Installing and Upgrading Add-Ons

Ў        Restart capability

The installation itself is a process that can be restarted, in a similar way to the import of Support Packages. 

Ў        Special import procedure

You can use a special import procedure to reduce downtime while importing add-on packages. (See also: Import Mode: Downtime-minimized).

Ў        Start time management

The separate phases of the Add-On Installation Tool are condensed into modules. You are free to choose any start time you want for the module.

Ў        Background Processing

You can also schedule the module with defined start times for background processing.


·        Loading Installation Packages

·        Installing and Upgrading Add-Ons

·        Installing a Preconfigured System (PCS)

·        Adjusting Modifications

·        Checking Logs