Customizing Project Team Member



The Customizing project team member makes the system settings which configure the SAP System in a company. He or she does this by systematically carrying out and documenting Customizing projects.

The role has the following tasks:

  • Perform the project IMG activities (make system settings)
  • Test the system settings
  • Create and edit status information and project documentation
  • Transport system settings


This role only contains basic functions. It is a template for a Customizing project. You should copy it for each Customizing project.

You also need a role with authorization for the IMG activities in a Customizing project. Create a new role and assign it to a Customizing project or project view. The authorization profile depends on the IMG activities in the Customizing project.

You need two roles for each Customizing project: a copy of the role SAP_BC_CUS_CUSTOMIZER and a role with the authorizations for the Customizing project (or project view).

You can put these two roles in a composite role.


The Customizing project team members and Customizing project administrator are part of a Customizing project team.