Sometimes, problems arise because the language export tool uses tools outside of the SAP system. This section gives you information on avoiding language export problems.

·        Authorizations

To export a language, you require the authorizations in the role SAP_BC_TRANSPORT_ADMINISTRATOR.

·        Transport Management System

Use the Transport Management System (transaction STMS) to check the configuration and functions of the transport tools.

·        Problems with different servers

You may only be able to perform the export on a specific server, which must be configured for export languages. This means that the prerequisites for using a specific language in the SAP system must be fulfilled, in particular, the appropriate locales must exist at the operating system level. You can specify a server under Job Data in the export options of transaction SMLT_EX.

·        Restarting a language export

You can restart an export that has terminated. To do this, go to the initial screen of transaction SMLT_EX and right-click the stop sign. Then choose Restart.