Language Supplementation (Expert Mode)

If you want to supplement a more precise selection of tables, application tables, for example, use the expert mode of the language supplementation program.

Proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose the following for the language that you want to supplement:
® Special Actions ® Supplementation (Expert).

       2.      On the next screen, enter a description of your supplementation. This helps you to recognize the supplementation you have started in the transaction SMLT overview.

       3.      In the center of the dialog box, you can specify conditions for selecting the tables you want to supplement. These fields are set with SAP defaults, however, you can change them by choosing Change.
The default is set so that if you are logged on to client 000, all cross-client and client-specific tables are supplemented in client 000. In other clients, only the client-specific tables in the logon client are selected for supplementation.

       4.      The tables that you want to supplement appear at the bottom of the screen, according to the selection you made by choosing Select. Each table is shown with its table class, a description, the supplementation mode, and the client in which the table will be supplemented. You can use the appropriate pushbuttons to change this list, however, we recommend this for experienced users only.

Read the long texts of the dialog boxes that appear when you change the defaults.

For information on the rest of the procedure, see the section Starting Language Supplementation.