Training Management

Technical name: 0LSO_C01


This InfoCube contains all of the transaction data on participation bookings and cancellations transferred from the source system.

The InfoSources Participation (0HR_LSO_1) and Cancellation (0HR_LSO_2) provide the data in the InfoCube.

The InfoCube contains the general key figures located in the Help environment. The standard system also provides calculated key figures (such as Average Cancellation Fees) and restricted key figures (such as Number of Internal Cancellations). These are key figures that depend on certain characteristics (such as Billed Participation Fees, Number of Internal Participants).

A number of structures are provided with the InfoCube in the standard system. These structures contain the key figures in combination with certain calculation rules. The structures give you swift and easy access to frequently used evaluation structures (such as Comparison of Previous/Current Year). The results are displayed as either absolute or percentage values.

In the update rules, numerous fields are imported from the master data tables and written into the InfoCube as characteristics.

Therefore, you must ensure that master data is loaded and activated before the InfoSources.

Restricted key figures are derived from InfoCube key figures by filtering one or more InfoCube characteristics.

The currency unit used to specify and calculate fees and costs in the InfoCube is the target currency USD. Totals are rounded off to two places after the decimal point.