Age in Years

Technical name: 0AGE


Human Resources (HR):

This characteristic is a derived characteristic. You can use this characteristic to display key figures in accordance with the age of an applicant or an employee.

The characteristic contains the applicant/employee‘s age at the end of a period. You can define an age hierarchy according to the specific requirements of your enterprise, and then display the age structure of your enterprise, for example. To enable you to perform age-based calculations, the system includes an Age in Years key figure (0AGE_KYF).

The age characteristics are calculated using update rules at the end of a period. The period depends on the InfoSource from which it is taken. For example, the end of the period can be at the end of a calendar day or month.

Technical Data

Available as of Release

BW Release 1.2B

Data Element

DE in BW only

Reference Characteristic


External Hierarchy

Yes, using a CSV file

SAP delivers age in years hierarchies in CSV files. (See also InfoSource Age in Years (0AGE)). You can also define hierarchies for the Age in Years characteristic (0AGE). You can determine intervals within the structure as required, for example, in five-year intervals (25 - 29 years, 30 - 34 years, and so on.) Therefore, the age structure that you define yourself offers advantages over the fixed age structure of the Age Range characteristic (0AGE_RANGE).