Number of Full-Time Staff

Technical name: 0PA_C03_RK003


Human Resources (HR) - HR Benchmarks: This key figure is a restricted key figure, and delivers the employees with capacity utilization level 100% or more.

Technical Data

Available as of Release

BW Release 3.0A



Exception Aggregation

Last value with reference to calendar day (0CALDAY)


From Number of Employees (0HDCNT_LAST)

The key figure is updated in aggregated form from the Headcount and Personnel Actions InfoCube (0PA_C01).


Key figure Number of employees, restricted to employees with capacity utilization level ? 100%

Restricted key figures are derived from the key figures in an InfoCube by filtering one or more of the characteristics in an InfoCube. The aggregation behavior and calculation of restricted key figures remain the same as for key figures.