Applicants (Transaction Data)

Technical name: 0HR_PA_RC_0

Technical Data

Type of DataSource

Transaction Data

Application Component

Recruitment (PA-RC)

Available from OLTP Release


Available from Plug-In Release


RemoteCube Compatibility



This DataSource contains information on the amount of applications received per month.

Delta Update

Delta update is not supported.

Fields of Origin in the Extract Structure

Field in Extraction Structure

Description of Field in the Extract Structure

Table of Origin

Field in Table of Origin


Calendar year/month




Applicant number



Features of Extractor

A person becomes an applicant in the month in which the first applicant action is carried out for him or her. From this point on, a data record is delivered for each applicant until his or her overall status changes to To be hired (status 2) or Rejected (status 4), or Offer rejected (status 6).

If the overall status of an applicant for at least one day in a month is <> 2, 4 or 6, the extractor delivers a record for this month, in other words, the applicant is counted in this month. This also applies in the case of immediate rejections, whereby the applicant may not have any record with status <> 2, 4 or 6 for the Applicant Actions infotype (4000).