Time Sheet Data (Released for Approval)

Technical name: 0CATS_C02


This InfoCube contains data that was entered using the Cross-Application Time Sheet (SAP CATS) and has been released for approval. The InfoCube 0CATS_C01 is available for time sheet data that has been approved.

You can use this InfoCube to run reports on activities performed, such as the amount of time worked on particular projects. You can evaluate this data according to various dimensions:

·        Employee’s organizational assignment (personnel area, master cost center, employee group, and so on).

·        Time type for Reporting

·        Receiver account assignment

·        Sender account assignment (purchase order, purchase order item, and activity number are not available)

·        Task type, component, and level

You can also use calendar day, calendar year/month, or calendar year/ quarter year, and so on as time dimensions.

The InfoObject 0REPTT (Time Type for Recording) can be supplied by attendances and absences and wage types from the SAP R/3 source system. You define the assignment of attendances/absences and wage types in OLTP Customizing for the InfoSource 0HR_PT_2 (Employee Actual Times). Note that 01 must always be used as the rule group for all employees. Time evaluation results cannot be used in this InfoCube for the InfoObject Time Type for Recording.

For more information, see the documentation on the Time and Labor Data InfoCube (0PT_C01).

Hierarchies are supported for various info objects, for example:

·        Master cost center

·        Receiver cost center

·        Organizational unit

·        Receiver WBS element

In the SAP Business Information Warehouse, the InfoObjects Employee (0EMPLOYEE) and Person (0PERSON) differ in their attributes.  The InfoCube 0PT_C01 contains the following personal attributes as navigation attributes:

·        0GENDER (Gender)

·        0NATION (Nationality)

·        0PERSLANGU (Language)

The most important attributes that are assigned to employees as their employer’s contract partner must be supplied by the InfoSource. If an employee’s master record changes within the space of a month (for example, cost center change), this means that the working times are proportionally distributed to the relevant master data.

The following InfoObjects are also determined from the master data for the InfoObject 0RECV_WBS_E (Receiver WBS Element):

·        0PPROJECT (Project Definition)

·        PS_RESPNO (Person Responsible)