Payroll Manager

Technical name: 0ROLE_0023

Task Area

The Payroll Manager is responsible for the whole Payroll area (procedures, supervision, subsequent activities and so on...)

The Payroll Manager uses key figures and reports from Payroll to analyse data and to make final decisions.


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

To accomplish these tasks, BW provides Business Content information in the form of workbooks. Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks contain one or more queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the tasks of the Payroll Manager:

Task (Cluster)


Wage/Salary Overviews

Quarterly Wage Types Overview

Annual Wage Types Overview

Wage Types Comparison for Personnel Areas

Wage Type Overview USA

Wage Types Overview Germany

Quarterly Comparison of Wage Types for Previous/Current Year

Annual Overview of Overtime Hours

Annual Overview of Sick Days and Costs