Plan/Actual Comparison (Organizational View)


This workbook contains a query that enables you to compare data from a personnel cost plan (planned) with cost data from Payroll (actual) in an organizational view. This allows you to compare planned personnel cost plans for the selected personnel cost plan per organizational unit with personnel costs posted from Payroll. In this way, you can determine absolute and percentage variances. The query displays data for the current calendar year, up to and including the month that was last posted. From the query you can then branch to the queries Analysis of Personnel Cost Plan (Organizational View) (0PACP_C01_Q003) and Auditing Information and Payroll Data per (In-Period) (0PY_PP_C1_Q001) for a more detailed analysis of the selected data row.


The workbook contains the following query:

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Plan/Actual Comparison (Organizational View)