Auditing Information and Payroll Data

Technical name: 0PY_PP_C1


This ODS object contains the data that SAP R/3 stores in the posting index when payroll results are posted to Accounting (tables PPOIX and PPOPX). This data supplements the posting documents and provides auditing information.

Data from InfoSource 0HR_PY_PP_1 (Auditing Information) is transferred in full to the ODS object. The system does not add any information.

For more information, see the documentation on DataSource 0HR_PY_PP_1 (Auditing Information and Posting Documents).

Delta Update

If you activate the function that updates ODS object 0PY_PP_C3 (Posting Documents and Auditing Information Combined) with data from this ODS object 0PY_PP_C1 (Auditing Information and Payroll Data), the system supplements this data with data from ODS object 0PY_PP_C2 (Posting Documents).

You must therefore ensure that the data in ODS object 0PY_PP_C2 (Posting Documents) is at least as current as the data in ODS object 0PY_PP_C1 (Auditing Information and Payroll Data).