Time and Labor Analyst

Technical Name: SAP_BW_0ROLE_0024

Task Field

The Time and Labor Analyst gathers employee time and labor data so that it can be monitored with regard to the company’s strategic goals. He or she creates reports on the work performed by all departments/employee groups, or the development of overtime worked, for example.

Evaluations of this data enable the level of overtime and the productivity of individual areas of the company to be monitored, for example.

The time management activities for this role include:

  • Creating statistics on absence times, productivity, and overtime worked
  • Analyzing remaining leave and other entitlements to paid absence times


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

To accomplish these tasks, BW makes business content information available in workbooks. Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks contain one or more queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the tasks of the Time and Labor Analyst:

Task (Cluster)


Key Figures for Employee Times

Comparing Selected Employee Times and Debited Cost Centers to Previous Year (Annual Comparison)

Monthly View of Selected Employee Times

Comparing Overview of Employee Times to Previous Year

Employee Times Represented in Full-Time Employee Units

Overview of Employee Times

Productivity Rate

Overtime Rate

Illness Rate

Leave Per Planned

Leave Taken for Effective Full-Time Employees