Number of Unoccupied Positions

Technical name: 0POS_FRE


Organizational Management: This key figure expresses as a factor the amount of planned working time that is not occupied.

Technical Data



Exception aggregation

Last value based on calendar month (0CALMONTH)


The key figure is taken from the corresponding data record in the Staffing Assignments InfoSource (0HR_PA_OS_1) and expresses whether a position is occupied or not.


Staffing Assignments: The staffing assignment shows what percentage of a position is occupied.

Example position 5: Person 6 works 40 hrs, of which 20% = 8 hrs in position 5. Position 5 has a planned working time of 20 hrs and is therefore 40% occupied.

The positions shown in the graphic have the following staffing assignments: Position 1: 100% occupied

Position 2: 100% occupied

Position 3: 100% occupied

Position 4: 50% occupied

Position 5: 40% occupied

Example: The key figure Number of Unoccupied Positions (0POS_FRE) has the following values:

Position 1: 0

Position 2: 0

Position 3: 0

Position 4: 0.5

Position 5: 0.6

Org. unit: 1.1