Human Resources Analyst

Technical name: 0ROLE_0021

Task Area

The Human Resources Analyst acts as strategic business partner to HR and line management. He or she has a thorough understanding of the business and can assess the HR implications of various strategies.


  • Helping executive and HR management to plan and make decisions by preparing and retrieving relevant HR data
  • Helping to create company-wide key figures, such as sales per employee
  • Creating, executing, and preparing numerous reports as key instruments of data retrieval


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

To accomplish these tasks, BW provides Business Content information in the form of workbooks. Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks contain one or more queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the tasks of the Human Resources Analyst:

Task (Cluster)


Personnel Structure FTE

Headcount/Change in Staffing Level FTE

Percentage Distribution of Headcount FTE

Average Headcount FTE

Headcount/Headcount FTE Current Year

Personnel Structure

Headcount/Change in Staffing Level

Percentage Distribution of Employees

Headcount Full-Time/Part-Time Staff

Headcount According to Capacity Utilization Level

Average Headcount (4 Quarters)

Average Headcount (12 Months)

Average Age of Employees

Average Length of Service


Number of Entries

Percentage Distribution of Entries

Entry Rate

Net Entry Rate

Number of Entries FTE


Number of Leavings

Percentage Distribution of Leavers

Leaving Rate

Number of Leavers FTE

Personnel Flow

Number of Personnel Actions