Internal Recruitment Ratio 4 Quarters

Technical name: 0PA_C03_QT008

Component of the InfoCube: 0PA_C03


This structure displays the internal recruitment ratio over four quarters.



Internal Reassignments (quarter - 3)


Internal Reassignments (quarter - 2)


Internal Reassignments (quarter -1)


Internal Reassignments quarter


Internal Reassignments Total

Internal reassignments quarter + internal reassignments (quarter – 1) + internal reassignments (quarter – 2) + internal reassignments (quarter – 3)

Employees (quarter - 3)


Employees (quarter -2)


Employees (quarter -1)


Employees quarter


Average Number of Employees

( Employees quarter + employees (quarter - 1) + employees (quarter - 2) + employees (quarter - 3) ) / 4

Internal Recruitment Ratio 4 Quarters

Total internal reassignments %A Average number of employees

For more information on calculating the structure, see Percentage Functions.

When you call a query that uses this structure, the system by default fills the variable 0PPRQUA with the last completed quarter, and then - in a dialog box - offers you the option of overwriting the quarter.

The system determines the internal recruitment ratio going back from the quarter that you entered. In other words, it returns the results of the three quarters before the quarter entered, and the results of the entered quarter itself.