Comparison Previous Year/Current Year

Technical Name: 0PACM_C03_QT0001

Component of the InfoCube: 0PACM_C03 (Awards)


This structure displays the comparison values between the previous year and the current calendar year.



Previous year


Previous year = current calendar year -1

(&0CYEAR& -1)

Current calendar year


Current calendar year = Variable current calendar year



Difference = current calendar year – previous year

Difference in %

Difference in % = [(current calendar year – previous year) / previous year] in %

In templates/structures that refer to time periods, the time periods are displayed as text variables (&0T_CYEAR&, &0T_CQUAT&) in the structures and the preview. When you execute a query, the actual values (calendar year or quarter) are automatically generated.

In the structure Comparison Previous Year/Current Year, the text variable &0T_CYEAR& is used for previous year and current year. When the query is executed, the text variables are replaced by the actual calendar years. In this instance, previous year is replaced by 1999 and current year by 2000.