Leave Days per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) in Quarter

Technical Name: 0QT_LEAVE_DAYS     

Component of the InfoCube: 0PT_C01


This structure displays the leave per effective full-time equivalent (FTE) in the quarter, that is, the relationship of leave days in the quarter to the number of FTEs in the quarter. The number of FTEs in quarter is calculated from the relationship of planned hours to one quarter of the annual working time of a FTE.



Leave per effective FTE in quarter

Leave per effective FTE in quarter = Leave days in quarter/number of FTEs in quarter

Number of FTEs in quarter = Planned hours/(ј x annual working hours of an FTE)

Leave days

Planned hours

The annual working time of an FTE is stored in the Business Information Warehouse (BW) as the formula variable 0P_HRYFT with a default value of 2000 hours.