Training Manager

Technical name: OROLE_0022

Task Area

The Training Manager acts as strategic business partner to HR and line management. He or she has a thorough understanding of the business and can assess the HR implications of various strategies. The specialist is responsible for the planning and coordination of all training activities in the organization. The manager is also responsible for all reporting activities associated with training.


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

To accomplish these tasks, BW provides Business Content information in the form of workbooks. Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks contain one or more queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the tasks of the Training Manager:

Task (Cluster)


Attendances and Cancellations

Number of Attendances and Cancellations

Annual Comparison of Bookings

Attendance and Cancellation Rate

Training Duration

Business Event Fees

Attendance and Cancellation Fees

Fee Distribution by Internal and External Bookings

Fee Rates

Sales and Costs

Annual Comparison of Revenues

Annual Comparison of Business Event Costs

Employee Evaluations

Training and Education by Organizational Assignment

Training and Education Fees by Organizational Assignment

Training and Education by Target Audience

Training and Education Fees by Target Audience

Resource Evaluations

Annual Comparison of Resource Costs

Furthermore, predefined crystal reports are available for the role. For more information, see Crystal Reports for SAP Manager Self-Service (MSS).