Headcount (Transaction Data)

Technical name: 0HR_PA_PA_1

Technical Data

Type of DataSource

Transaction Data

Application Component

Data Mart (DM)

Available from OLTP Release

This DataSource exists exclusively in a BW system and is available from BW Release 2.1.

It is independent of any OLTP Release.

Available from Plug-In Release

Not applicable

RemoteCube Compatibility

Not applicable


Perform the Customizing steps listed in note 336229.


The extractor of the DataSource reads the master data tables of the Employee (0EMPLOYEE) and person (0PERSON) InfoObjects and makes changes to these time-dependent attributes available as headcount changes.

Delta Update

Delta update is not supported.

Features of Extractor

The extractor takes the data from the master data tables in the BW system. For more information, see note 336229.