4-Quarter Comparison of Previous Year/Current Year

Technical name: 0QT_8QUARTER

Part of InfoCube: 0PY_C02


This structure shows the quarterly comparison of 4 quarters in the current year to 4 quarters in the previous year.



First quarter

Quarter=1; current calendar year-1

First quarter

Quarter=1; current calendar year


1 quarter – 1 quarter

Difference (%)

Percentage difference

Second quarter

Corresponds to first quarter

and so on


If the structures refer to periods, the periods are represented in the structure and the preview as text variables (&0T_CYEAR&, &0T_CQUAT&) and the corresponding values (calendar year, calendar quarter) are automatically generated when the queries are executed.

In the structure "Comparison of Previous Year/Current Year", the "previous year" and "current year" are represented by text variable &T_CALYEA&. When the query is executed, the text variable is replaced by the corresponding calendar years. For example, "previous year" is replaced by 1998 and "current year" is replaced by 1999.