Age in Years (Characteristic)

Technical name: 0AGE


This InfoSource yields information on employees’ age in years.

A hierarchy is defined for the characteristic 0AGE. You can define this hierarchy manually yourself or by using a CSV file.

  1. You can define your own hierarchies (manually). You can determine intervals within the structure as required, for example, in five-year intervals (25 - 29 years, 30 - 34 years, etc.) Therefore, the age structure that you define yourself offers advantages over the fixed age structure of the Age Range characteristic (0AGE_RANGE).

    For example, you can use the hierarchy to display the age structure of your enterprise as follows:

    < 20 [ ] x < 20

    20 - 24 [ ] 20 ? x ? 24

    25 - 29 [ ] 25 ? x ? 29

    30 - 34 [ ] 30 ? x ? 34

    35 - 39 [ ] 35 ? x ? 39

  2. You can also upload the hierarchy using the CSV file delivered by SAP. To do so, proceed as follows:
  1. In the Administrator Workbench, choose the Source system tab page.
  2. Right click the top Source systems node and choose Create source system.
  3. In the Select Source System Type dialog box, select File system, manual metadata, data using file interface.
  4. In the Create Source System dialog box, enter AGE_File in the Source system field, and Age in Years in the Name of source system field. Confirm your entries.
  5. Choose the InfoSources tab page.
  6. Right click the higher Master data in Personnel Administration node and choose Create InfoSource.
  7. In the Create InfoSource: Select Type dialog box, select Master data / texts / hierarchies. Confirm your entry.
  8. In the Create InfoSource (Master Data) dialog box, enter 0AGE in the InfoObject field. Confirm your entry.
  9. Right click the lower Age in Years node and to choose Assign source system.
  10. In the Master Data InfoSource: Assign Source System dialog box, enter AGE_File in the Source system field. Confirm your entry.
  11. On the Maintain Metadata screen, choose Create hier. (create hierarchy).
  12. In the Create Hierarchy - Name dialog box, enter AGE in the Hierarchy name field, Age in Years (Hierarchy) in the Long description field, and an X in the Sorted hierarchy and Interval fields. Confirm your entries.
  13. Choose Save hier. (save hierarchy), followed by Save and Close.
  14. Right click the lower Age in Years (Hierarchy) node and choose Create InfoPackage.
  15. In the Create InfoPackage dialog box, enter a description as required in the Long description field. Confirm your entry.
  16. On the Scheduler (Maintain InfoPackage) screen, choose the External data tab page.
  17. In the Load external data from group box, select Application server. In the File type (if control file is switched off) group box, select CSV file.
  18. In the File name field, enter AGE_D.CSV for German node texts and AGE_E.CSV for English node texts. Save your entries.