Number of Occupied Positions

Technical name: 0POS_OCC


Organizational Management: This key figure returns as a factor the sum of staffing assignments for a position.

Technical Data



Exception aggregation

Last value based on calendar month (0CALMONTH)


The key figure is taken from the corresponding data record in the Staffing Assignments InfoSource (0HR_PA_OS_1) and expresses whether a position is occupied.


Staffing Assignments: The staffing assignment shows what percentage of a position is occupied.

Example position 5: Person 6 works 40 hrs, of which 20% = 8 hrs in position 5. Position 5 has a planned working time of 20 hrs and is therefore 40% occupied.

The positions shown in the graphic have the following staffing assignments: Position 1: 100% occupied

Position 2: 100% occupied

Position 3: 100% occupied

Position 4: 50% occupied

Position 5: 40% occupied

Example: The key figure Number of Occupied Positions (0POS_OCC) has the following values:

Position 1: 1

Position 2: 1

Position 3: 1

Position 4: 0.5

Position 5: 0.4

Org. unit: 3.9