Age Range

Technical name: 0AGE_RANGE


Human Resources (HR):

This characteristic is a calculated characteristic that enables you to display key figures in accordance with age ranges.

It contains the age of an applicant/employee based on date of birth and the period from the respective InfoSource. The ranges are already determined by the update rules, and are calculated at the end of the period.

The period depends on the InfoSource from which it is taken. For example, the end of the period can be at the end of a calendar day or month.

Technical Data

Available as of Release

BW Release 1.2B

Data Element

DE in BW only

Reference Characteristic


External Hierarchy


Note that you must edit the master data for this characteristic manually as follows:

0: Not available

1: < 20

2: 20 - 29

3: 30 - 39

4: 40 - 49

5: 50 - 59

6: 60 - 69

7: ? 70