SAP Human Resources in SAP Business Information Warehouse

Efficient Human Resources Management, particularly HR analysis, relies heavily on the availability of information in an integrated system. The aims of HR analysis are to plan, manage, control, and optimize processes. Evaluations and analyses of key figures form the basis. However, these aims can only be achieved if key figures and evaluations are clear, consistent, and available to the whole enterprise at the right time. It must always be possible to analyze and evaluate information as required.

In the area of Human Resources in particular, required data is frequently determined using a variety of individual reports, and then displayed or processed in an overall evaluation that is usually performed using spreadsheet programs. Users often need to run and then display the results of a single report time and time again, simply to attain different views of the same HR and headcount data. Evaluations are often time-consuming and therefore expensive, particularly when data is determined, processed, and formatted.

The Business Information Warehouse (BW) facilitates the process of retrieving, evaluating, and formatting information. Predefined standard reports (which are known as queries) and standard templates accelerate and simplify the creation and subsequent utilization of reports. SAP BW also includes comprehensive navigation options. By creating various multidimensional views, you can analyze data quickly and easily as required.

The Business Content for SAP Human Resources (HR) makes it easy for you to access predefined standard business reports and key figures. You can use HR Business Content to perform evaluations directly, display different views, and analyze data. HR InfoCubes enable you to adapt evaluations so that they meet the specific requirements of your enterprise, and to create new evaluations. Comparison calculations, calculations of averages, time series comparisons for months, calendar quarters and years, and the calculation and analysis of differences are all part of HR Business Content.

BW Release Content 3.1 includes HR roles, workbooks, queries, structures, InfoCubes, ODS objects, DataSources, InfoSources, key figures, and characteristics from the following areas:

·        Personnel Administration

·        Recruitment

·        Organizational Management

·        Personnel Development

·        Compensation Management

·        Personnel Cost Planning

·        Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation

·        Benefits

·        Training and Event Management

·        Travel Management

·        Cross-Application Time Sheet

·        Time Management

·        Payroll

·        Payroll and Time Management

·        Strategic HR

·        Web Cockpits in Human Resources