Billed Participation Fees

Technical name: 0LSO_C01_RK001


This key figure is a calculated key figure and displays the participation fees billed externally.

Technical Data

Available from Add-On Release




Exception aggregation


Key figure Participation Fee restricted by characteristic Fee Indicator


Restricted key figures are derived from the key figures in an Infocube by filtering according to one or more of the characteristics in an Infocube. The aggregation behavior and calculation of restricted key figures remain the same as for key figures.

Restriction of this key figure only works if the restricting characteristic has been supplied with data. You must assign one or more values from this data to the restricting characteristic.

For example, the characteristic Fee Indicator (0EVCOSTINFO) is supplied with the data E (billed) and I (internally allocated).

The value E is then assigned to the characteristic Fee Indicator in the key figure 0R_PE_001. This ensures that the key figure only displays participation fees that were billed externally.