Personnel Development Manager

Technical name: OROLE_0028

Task Area

The Personnel Development Manager is an expert in personnel development, and acts as a strategic business partner for the HR manager and line manager (supervisor). He or she has a thorough understanding of the subject area, and can bring personnel development strategies into line with the enterprise’s strategic goals. From a general point of view, the personnel development manager’s task is to draw up and implement personnel development strategies and solutions that promote take the enterprise’s strategic goals. It is particularly important here that the relevant personnel development data (for qualifications and appraisals) can be evaluated easily and accurately.


Tasks in the Business Information Warehouse

To accomplish these tasks, BW provides Business Content information in the form of workbooks. Each task corresponds to a cluster of one or more workbooks. The workbooks contain one or more queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the tasks of the Personnel Development Manager:

Task (Cluster)



Percentage Distribution of a Criterion Rating

Number of Ratings per Scale

Total Number of Rated Appraisals per Appraisal Model

Annual Comparison of Appraisal Ratings

Qualification Evaluations

Proficiency of a Qualification per Employee

Employees by Qualification Group per Organizational Unit

Percentage Distribution of Employees to Qualification

Qualifications per Employee by Organizational Unit

Annual Comparison of Qualifications per Employee

Number of Qualifications

Average Proficiency per Qualification