HR Reporting in BW

This overview provides you with detailed information on the current status of HR Business Content in the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), Release Content 3.1.

The SAP Business Information Warehouse is a comprehensive, ready-to-use Data Warehouse solution. It integrates state-of-the-art Data Warehouse technologies with SAP business know-how.

SAP BW is not restricted to the R/3 System. Rather, it is as open as the R/3 System itself. Data can be extracted from applications developed for specific customers, standard third-party packages, the Internet, and practically any other source, and then used as a basis for comprehensive reporting and a wide variety of analyses. SAP BW is delivered with a broad selection of standard R/3 interfaces known as BAPIs (Business Application Program Interfaces).

Therefore, the SAP Business Information Warehouse provides you with a complete solution for your company-wide data retrieval requirements. Unlike conventional Data Warehouse systems, SAP BW enables you to view your corporate data from an entirely new perspective. Using schemas designed in accordance with your business processes and user requirements, data is extracted, grouped together, and linked on the basis of logical criteria. Multidimensional data storage takes place in InfoCubes. However, SAP BW consists not just of technology, but also of Business Content, that is, business information, evaluations, and key figures from Human Resources, Accounting, and Logistics. This is a considerable advantage over other Data Warehouse products. Consequently, SAP is able to build on its years of experience in the field of business software and processes. Business Content facilitates optimum customer support according to the tasks performed by various users.

This overview, which is structured in accordance with the components in SAP Human Resources, contains a complete description of current HR Business Content. The following descriptions are included for each component:

·        Roles

·        Workbooks

·        Queries

·        Structures

·        InfoCubes

·        ODS objects

·        DataSources

·        InfoSources

·        Characteristics

·        Key figures